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NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback training is not therapy. It can however be used as a tool for the therapy process. The NeurOptimal® system listens to the electrical activity of your brain, while you are listening to very calming music.  Every time the system notices a shift in the activity, it takes the music away for a split second.  That is the feedback to the brain, alerting the brain every time it makes a shift in real time.  The system is essentially giving your brain a mirror by listening to 256 sounds per second.  

The brain always wants to stay in comfort.  That is why we develop coping skills, defense mechanisms, and fears.  The brain also wants to run as efficiently and effectively as possible.  This is why the brain creates automated processes for things it does regularly.  By giving the brain a mirror, it can make corrections to brain processes that are no longer comfortable.  It is similar to updating the operating system of your computer, except nothing is telling the operating system how or what to update. The operating system is simply looking in the mirror, and noticing processes that could be optimized for more efficient and effective functioning.

Imagine if you didn’t look in the mirror for a month. You still continued to follow your regular hygience regimen, but you never saw a mirror. What would you look like after a month? What changes would you make to your appearance? What if you could record every movement to fix your appearance, and you never had to look in the mirror again to know that you look the way you want to look?  Neurofeedback trains the brain to continue running at this optimized level.

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