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Every relationship goes through stages, and it is important that we understand and work through changes as they occur. At PAASI Family Therapy, we hope to work with couples before problems begin to arise, but realistically, most do not know there are options of proactive therapy. However, regardless of what stage your relationship is in, we are here to help you!

Couples struggle because each partner are still their own person. We have to find ways to balance our wants and needs with another person’s wants and needs. It is difficult and requires a lot of understanding, compassion, and flexibility. Relationships require fluid movement between give and take in order to maintain balance and growth. We will help you identify areas of growth and work with you to build the skill set to maneuver into a stronger, more resilient future with your partner.

Proactive Couples Therapy at PAASI Family Therapy begins with the utilization of an initial assessment, the PREPARE/ENRICH Assessment. It is dynamic and adjusts to each stage of a relationship, as well as religious affiliation of the couple if desired. Couples will learn about their areas of strengths, and areas that could benefit from growth. We work with couples in communication and conflict resolution exercises in order to create a base of knowledge that will aid in the process of growth. The more you know, the more you can grow. Give us a call to learn more!